Job Openings

We are still a small startup but are growing rapidly, so our job openings are typically on a contract basis. But we do our best to pay well and treat people well, so let's talk if you're interested.

All roles we'll be hiring for only in the event that a number of pipeline projects end up closing. We are posting these jobs and interviewing now because, at the moment, it seems likely these jobs will close by Jan 2023. But full disclosure, it's not guaranteed we will need to fill these roles.

Interested candidates please email jobs(at)austincustomcnc(dot)com.

Project Manager

We need someone experienced in commercial woodwork, project management, and business broadly speaking. After acclimating to the company, you will be giving nearly complete responsibility for a 6- or 7-figure millwork project. It will be your job to make sure it's completed profitability with a happy staff and client at the end. Your tools will be a core team of very talented woodworkers and finishers, and an ample budget. We'll need to staff up and prep the shop, which you will play a role in but not necessarily be responsible for.

Carpenter / Woodworker

We need a woodworker experienced in commercial millwork. Probably along the lines of 10+ years of experience. A portfolio of work we can view is a pre-requisite to an interview.