We have a unique approach to high-end millwork and cabinetry for the Austin market.

We do millwork for high-end residential and small-scale commercial, specifically in the following areas:

  • Full home residential millwork (kitchens, bath vanities, closets, etc)
  • Small commercial millwork (all wood elements in a coffee shop for instance)
  • Feature walls (large-scale topographic maps, decorative elements, etc)
  • Furniture (FF&E, booths, conference tables, reception desks)
  • Some lighting elements (generally wood lighting fixtures)

How we're different

Our shop is intentionally kept small, about 10 folks very experienced in their specialties. We are not like a large millwork shop that prioritizes volume over quality. We work hand in hand with our skilled teammates, ensuring the resulting product is high quality and robust.

Focus allows us to be fast

Because we restrict ourselves to a specific build type and set of materials, usually a baltic birch core, our machines and processes are dialed-in and efficient. This means we can often turn around well-specified cabinet projects in around 60 - 90 days after projects specs are finalized.

Finishes and materials

If you visit our shop (and please do), you’ll quickly discover that we are obsessed with materials. Our materials room is stocked with our favorite laminates, veneers, and exotic finish options, and we have strong opinions about what works best for typical applications.

For instance, we’ll often encourage our clients to use manufactured (laminated veneer) doors and drawers for cabinet faces instead anything painted because we understand that the veneer products available now look and feel better, last longer, and are more cost effective than painted solutions in 90% of applications.

Built to last and to modify

We build cabinets that not only last forever, but that can be retrofitted with updated doors and drawer faces when it’s time to update. Giving your cabinets a facelift is as simple as popping off the old hardware and swapping it onto new faces.

High-quality hardware

We use the best quality hardware available, typically from Blum or Grass. Because some hardware items are hard to find with supply chain constraints, we do our best to keep common items in stock.

We're Hiring

We keep our jobs page on our furniture site, Studio Metric. Check it out below:
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